Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to Test a Man to Know If He Loves You! Now You Will Finally Figure Out His True Intentions

How to Test a Man to Know If He Loves You!

By Krista Hiles

It's wonderful to know that a man could love you with all of his heart. But there have been known cases of guys who pretend to fall in love so that they get what they want, and more often than not, it's sex that they crave for. You may want to test his love for you so that you wouldn't be caught unprepared in the end.

Look into the level of respect that he gives you.
A guy who gives you respect could only mean that his feelings are for real. This is a guy who would behave and talk gently in front of you. He will never be like those calloused guys who just take you for granted and who even find it easy to get mad at you.

His concern is genuine.
This guy surely loves you if he shows that he truly cares for you and your welfare. He will always put your needs ahead of his and he will be the first to give you a helping hand every time that you ask for help.

His love is constant.
He isn't cold and distant one time and romantic on other days. You can truly depend on him because he is highly reliable. This is one guy that you can count on even during lean times. His love drives him to be there no matter how difficult circumstances may get.

Appreciation will come.
This guy will make you feel confident about yourself because he'll always have compliments for you. He is even blind to your flaws and weaknesses because he believes in and loves your best qualities.

He is ready to commit.
A guy who is truly in love would never be bothered if you bring up the topic of commitment. In fact, he would even willingly discuss this matter with you because he welcomes the idea of spending his future with you.

He has already introduced you to his folks.
Though his parents live far away from where you both are, this guy will come up with ways to make sure that you get to meet them. This is a major proof that any guy is serious with you as no guy would take a woman to his folks' place if he doesn't have any real feelings for her.

He's volunteer that you should date exclusively.
He isn't just playing with you if he would be the one to volunteer exclusive dating. To this guy, casual dating won't work because he believes that you're the one that's already meant for him. His heart is now locked to you that's why he wouldn't want to date around anymore.

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